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Boulder vending machines

Bring in Vending Machines for your Boulder City Business

There are many benefits to having vending machines in the office. Keeping workers on the job means increased production and boosted morale. As a result, we offer Coca-Cola vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, healthy vending machines, snack vending machines, and food vending machines, among many others. Full service vending allows us to provide you with the best carbonated beverages and non-carbonated beverages daily with options for mobile payments using Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Bring Your Boulder City Business Delicious Office Coffee and Water Filtration

As a business, you want to provide employees delicious coffee in modern, accessible ways to keep them satisfied. Flavored teas and coffees can be found with First Class Coffee Service. We provide Boulder City businesses with the best office coffee service around and modern technology. In fact, our commercial grade coffee brewers is user-friendly and convenient. In addition, our single cup coffee system allows employees to make their own lattes or choose their own coffee beans.

Moreover, our water filtration service keeps Boulder City employees happy and healthy. We offer filtered water, so employees do not have to leave the office for fresh water. In addition, we can provide you with water units that hook directly into your water line, allowing you to utilize your existing sources. Countertop and floor standing models are also available. We want to serve your business in a way that works for you.
Boulder office coffee service

Boulder City Loves Micro-market Services

First Class Coffee Service enjoys the creativity and open market style of micro-markets. Likewise, Boulder City businesses love having their own convenience store. Employees can shop the open coolers and wracks freely, checking labels in an aesthetically pleasing area. Once they are finished shopping, they can use the self-checkout kiosks with their debit or credit card, making the process easy, fun, and simple.

If your Boulder City business is seeking change, improvement, or all the above in a way that works for your business, please call First Class Coffee Service at 702-597-9999 or email us at info@firstclasscoffeeservice.com for more information.
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