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Vending machines can add variety and bring life to your break room

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Today’s Most Popular Products Available At Your Fingertips

First Class Vending Inc. offers the vending machine service Las Vegas and Southern California businesses rely upon.

Our vending machine solutions are the best in Las Vegas and Southern California. Modern hot beverage vending service, premium selection cold beverage vending machines, and fresh food vending machines -- First Class Vending Inc. offers them all.

Bag of chips from a vending machine

Expert Vending Service

We know what Las Vegas and Southern California residents want

We stock the most popular and most requested drinks, snacks, candy, and food in our vending machines.

State-of-the-art vending machine technology ensures product delivery 24/7.

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We stock well-known and sought after food and drink products.


If you have a vending machine issue, we’ll address it day or night.


Guaranteed product delivery eliminates the need for refunds.


Ensure customers and staff have the refreshment they need on-site.

Fresh bowl of salad from vending machine

Fresh Food

Entrees to satisfy the most discerning of Las Vegas and Southern California employees and guests.

Salty bags of chips from vending machines


From salty to savory, we have the snack items that crunch.

Refreshing water from a water bottle vending machine


Hydrate with refreshing water, carbonated options, juices, and more.

Let us partner to create the best vending machine program in Las Vegas and Southern California -- First Class Vending Inc. at 702-597-9999 or info@firstclassvending.com.
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