Office Coffee Service in Los Angeles Continues to Evolve

Office Coffee Service in Los Angeles

What is a relatively easy way to improve productivity at your Los Angeles office? The answer is to provide your employees with a higher-quality coffee service in the office break room. A generic coffee bean brewed in a traditional pot that sits all day is no longer an acceptable option. Today’s employees expect up-to-date brewing technology that creates beverages such as lattes as well as a simple cup of coffee that can compete with their regular out-of-the-office coffee purchase.

The Current Situation

This isn’t to say that Los Angeles employees don’t drink coffee brewed at work. According to a recent study by Packaged Facts, “68 percent of at-work coffee drinkers usually drink coffee made or dispensed onsite at their workplace.” David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts,  recently wrote, “Office coffee is a thriving industry that’s expected to continue to see sales growth [grow] through 2021. Among the market’s key growth factors is the increasing realization that companies need to provide higher-quality coffee…Not only will great coffee keep employees onsite at work, but it could also provide extra incentive to get to the office in the first place.”

The Challenge

Los Angeles employers need to determine how at-work coffee options can be improved and turned into a sought after employee perk. Great coffee might also retain employees in a competitive job market. Currently, there is a wide gap between what employees look for in a cup of coffee and what they find in the office break room. Quality coffee beans and flavors seem to be missing from their workplace coffee options. Employee satisfaction with the types of coffee roast (dark, light, etc.) and selection/variety are also low.

Office Coffee Service in Los Angeles

The Solution

To learn how to overcome those challenges, it is important to understand how current trends in the coffee market are impacting employers. Trends that are causing change in today’s market include generational differences, the super-premium bean trend that offers exotic and unique flavors, coffee type and variety expansion, brewer variety and versatility expansion, product and services expansion, technology applications, and industry consolidation.

Los Angeles employers then need to consider the impact of employee time spent away from the office to purchase a cup of coffee against lost productivity. Research by Packaged Facts found that “when office coffee service is successfully integrated as a productivity tool it often translates to growing a company’s bottom line.” Happy, caffeinated employees plus an improved bottom-line sounds like a win for everyone.

While there are many different solutions that can create a sought-after office coffee experience, one suggestion to consider is to start by offering two distinct roasts—one dark and one light. Most coffee drinkers are happy to choose one or the other as long as the flavor is high-quality. Over time, a larger product assortment can be included to meet and exceed employee expectations. Whether your office break room needs a full coffee service overhaul or just a few new high-quality coffee varieties, First Class Vending can help. Contact us at 800-515-8363 for more information about our coffee service as well as other vending solutions.